An intimate Mexican & Indian wedding

Saloni & Elmer

" Love isn't always feeling butterflies in your stomach. I think Love is calm , Love is comfortable. It's kinda like finding someone with whom you can sit in silence and that means so much more to you ,than exchanging a thousand words with anyone."

Saloni & Elmer personify this quote , and by just being around them brings you experience that same sense of calm and comfort . Saloni & Elmer kicked off their celebrations with a haldi & mehendi , after which they got married twice! once in a Sikh ceremony at the Gurdwara & then again at a Church in Delhi . It was such beautiful way to experience a multicultural wedding and i'm so grateful that Saloni and Elmer chose me to tell their story.

Wedding Design - Timoniyo

Photography - Dhanika & Vishakha

Film - Chetan, Sam & Lijumon

Make-up - Gayatri

DJ - Anil